Dawgs Under the Gold Dome




Rep. Carter Barrett (District 24)

Rep. Shaw Blackmon (District 146)

Rep. Josh Bonner (District 73)

Rep. Lisa Campbell (District 35)

Rep. Kasey Carpenter (District 4)

Rep. Buddy Deloach (District 167)

Rep. Katie Dempsey (District 13)

Rep. Robert Dickey (District 145)

Rep. Demetrius Douglas (District 78)

Rep. Chuck Efstration (District 104)

Rep. Chris Erwin (District 32)

Rep. Stacey Evans (District 57)

Rep. Barry Fleming (District 125)

Rep. Tim Fleming (District 114)

Rep. Spencer Frye (District 122)

Rep. Houston Gaines (District 120)

Rep. Gerald Greene (District 154)

Rep. Stan Gunter (District 8)

Rep Leesa Hagan (District 156)

Rep. Lee Hawkins (District 27)

Rep. Scott Holcomb (District 81)

Rep. Penny Houston (District 170)

Rep. Shelly Hutchinson (District 106)

Rep. Rick Jasperse (District 11)

Rep. Jan Jones (District 47)

Rep. Dar’Shun Kendrick (District 95)

Rep. David Knight (District 134)

Rep. Rob Leverett (District 123)

Rep. Chuck Martin (District 49)

Rep. Lauren McDonald (District 26)

Rep. Steven Meeks (District 178)

Rep. Mark Newton (District 127)

Rep. Butch Parrish (District 158)

Rep. Clay Pirkle (District 169)

Rep. Matt Reeves (District 99)

Rep. Trey Rhodes (District 124)

Rep. Debora Silcox (District 53)

Rep. Lynn Smith (District 70)

Rep. Rick Townsend (District 179)

Rep. Anne Westbrook (District 163)

Rep. Marcus Wiedower (District 121)

Rep. Mary Frances Williams (District 37)

Rep. Noel Williams Jr. (District 148)

Rep. Bruce Williamson (District 112)

Rep. Joe Campbell (District 171)

Rep. Brent Cox (District 28)

Rep. Bill Yearta (District 152)


Sen. Matt Brass (District 28)

Sen. Bill Cowsert (District 46)

Sen. Frank Ginn (District 47)

Sen. Russ Goodman (District 8)

Sen. Sally Harrell (District 40)

Sen. Bo Hatchett (District 50)

Sen. Mike Hodges (District 3)

Sen. Chuck Hufstetler (District 52)

Sen. Colton Moore (District 53)

Sen. Sheikh Rahman (District 5)

Sen. Michael Rhett (District 33)

Sen. Freddie Sims (District 12)

Sen. Horacena Tate (District 38)

Sen. Blake Tillery (District 19)

Sen. Larry Walker (District 20)

Sen. Ben Watson (District 1)

Sen. Josh McLaurin (District 14)

Sen. Sam Watson (District 11)

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